We are the Same

I may have a slew of mental illness diagnosis,
And maybe that’s all that you can see,
But I won’t allow that to bring me to my knees.
I come from chaos and tragedy.
And you know that,
You knew my story and you knew where I came from
And still,
I’m treated as if I am some
Sort of illness myself.
When really, all I am is me;
Lexie is all I’ve ever wanted to be.

We are not the labels we have been given.
I have not committed some terrible sin.
It’s simple, really.
We may never see eye to eye.
That doesn’t mean I’m going to lie:
We do have something in common.

I’m human,
And you’re human too.
We are the same.
Though there is the one critical difference,
And though you may not always get it,
You are also not perfect and I am not lame.

I can now understand
Why it’s hard for you to always understand.
Society taught you to treat me as if I weren’t me,
As if I weren’t Lexie.
You were taught to look down on us and shame us,
Not to make a fuss;
“They’re not normal.”
“They’re crazy.”

What I want you to know is this:
I would like to apologize for society,
For the media and for the dramatizations of what I struggle with.
Maybe it’s not my place to say,
But someone needs to take some accountability.

I struggle with mental illness.
And you struggle too.
Every day you have false messages about us
Thrown in your faces, disguised as “true”.
It’s just as unfair as it is to us
As it is to you.

I’ll say sorry and help you understand my world a bit more,
If you promise to open the door
And hear me out.

I may have a slew of mental diagnosis,
But we are in this thing called “life” together
So please,
Take my hand and let’s choose to help one other.


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