#FearlesslyFaceless Sets the Record Straight on What Eating Disorders Look Like

PSA: You don’t have to look sick to be unwell.

“Despite the eating-disorder stereotypes often depicted in movies and on TV — the overweight binge eater and frail anorexic — sufferers come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and sometimes, with no discernible signs of internal struggle. On the heels of Netflix’s recent release of To The Bone, a movie that follows a woman suffering from anorexia, the topic has been particularly salient in the body-positivity community.

In the midst of it all, eating-disorder survivors and Instagram friends Lexie Manion, 22, a student from Medford, New Jersey, and Dani Appel (@declaring.dani), 16, a rising high-school junior from Dallas, Texas, joined forces to launch the #FearlesslyFaceless Instagram campaign earlier this week. It invites people battling eating disorders to regram the image below as an act of unity and to prove you don’t have to “look sick” to be sick — and to seek help…” – Elizabeth Narins, Fitness and health editor of Cosmopolitan

Continue reading the story here.


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