A campaign challenging the “before” photo of Eating Disorder recovery comparisons.

#BoycottTheBefore began to take shape in December of 2016 when Lexie felt compelled to speak out against sharing her own “before” photos in her eating disorder struggles where she was underweight.

Shortly after this post received a lot of positive attention, Lexie “boycotted the before” for the first time in February of 2017. She wrote an article about her intentions behind #BoycottTheBefore as well as a call to the community on NEDA’s sister blog that later on was published on Cosmopolitan, too. It is called Why I’ll Never Post Another Before-and-After Photo Again.

The campaign went viral. The hashtag on Instagram now has over 2,000 posts of people in the recovery community supporting #BoycottTheBefore.

How You Can #BoycottTheBefore

#BoycottTheBefore in the Media

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