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Read my NEDA piece “My Path to Advocacyhere.

Read my NAMI piece “What Safety Means as a Trauma Survivor” about trauma work and healing I’ve done around my C-PTSD here.

Read my Butterfly Foundation piece “Commenting on someone’s weight can have lasting impacts” about Weight Stigma Awareness Week here.

Read “#BoycottTheBefore: Sharing Our Recovery Stories Responsibly” on the NEDA blog here.

Read “Why I Choose to #BoycottTheBefore” for The Butterfly Foundation here.

Read “The Connection Between my Eating Disorder and Sexual Orientation” for the NEDA blog here.

Read “Accepting My Sexuality in Eating Disorder Recovery” on the NAMI blog here.

Read “Lifting Mask Mandates Has Restored My Emotional Health” on The Mighty here.

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