About Lexie

Lexie is a twenty-something, mental health advocate, aspiring art therapist, floof lover (“floof” is another word for dog, but “floof” and “floofer” are more fun, ya know?!), watercolor painter, origami crane maker, poetry-writer enthusiast from New Jersey. 


She started out her platform in the body positive and mental health spaces. Early on, she found a deep love for body positivity as it is primarily an activist space of rallying for every person’s right to be seen and respected, no matter how they present to this world or what they look like. As a plus size woman, Lexie has always been devastated by how people are quick to judge and dictate other people’s health and livelihoods just from their size. She thrived in the body positive community and made weekly posts on her Instagram account rejecting society’s standards and reclaiming her time and space as a woman who doesn’t fit the mold.
A few year’s into Lexie’s time online, she’s learned that the mental health community was a space she missed speaking in, as the activist topics took front and center. As someone in recovery from mental illness, she found this space is very special and full of people who understand. Today, she focuses primarily on sharing her continued recovery and life story as well as educational resources and support for the general public and those affected by mental illness. She still shares body positive messages, but prefers to focus more on mental health these days as that has always been a space she loves with all her heart.
Lexie’s goal is to help you feel loved, uplifted, heard and supported in your own journey as she shares hers. Her love for floofers and her communities is very strong! Pictured below are her three floofers Gigi, Gabby and Gracie!