About Me

Hello! I’m a 23-year-old body positive activist, mental health advocate and blogger from New Jersey.

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I probably love dogs more than I love you. I mean, come on, these three floofs are just the cutest!


My heart has been set on becoming an art therapist since I was 15 years old. I have always wanted to help other struggling with mental illness by showing them how to express themselves through a creative and safe outlet. I’m not sure where life will take me but even if I don’t go down that career path, I hope I always get opportunities to share my story and inspire people.

When I was 15, and entered residential treatment (at The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia) for the first time, I discovered art therapy. Being creative through various mediums has been an incredible and useful outlet for me in recovery. I appreciate people who seemingly effortlessly turn a blank canvas into the most breathtaking piece of art — that takes major skill and talent. I also appreciate people, like myself, who don’t have much training or skill, but still find solace in expressing their innermost feelings by putting a pen to paper, or paint to a canvas.

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Overall, I write about my struggles to process and heal. And I share my words with the world in hopes to help others see they are never alone.


I hope you find a spark of hope, and maybe even motivation to document your own story or support others who do, in these communities I have cultivated online.

This world (and even the internet) can be such a scary place.

I’ve found that focusing on negativity and what isn’t going right never makes me feel better and always keeps me stuck. We don’t always need to spend all our time on the why bad things happen. I think the real question is, How will I rise above all of this pain so I can ultimately heal myself, as well as contribute to healing this world we live in?.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your article regarding your hospital experience… I too had a traumatizing experience and was (mis) diagnosed with bipolar 1, sedated when I was clearly just scared… after another therapist thought I had ptsd… as a consequence of 5 people injecting me with a needle and throwing me on the ground when I was just a scared girl, I experienced “shell shock” for the entire first week and couldn’t eat or trust anyone even more than I originally was having a problem with…. oh not to mention I was the one who called 911 to get help. I won’t know what my real diagnosis is and it doesn’t matter as long as I feel better… but my hospitalization experience was the worst trauma of my entire life. I wish I had never called 911. Nice to know I am not alone.

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  2. Dear Lexie

    Sorry my english, I am from Switzerland!

    I did see you on BBC last week. Gratulation I liked your coming out and your comments. Phantastic young lady!!!

    But now, reading the article about ..Halloween Costume and Scary. I must tell you I got another experiment with a mental sick Lady and her Bipolar boyfriend.

    They are highly scary, both of them.

    I start right now to write a book about my experiment with both of them and thats not only me that scare about both of them.

    I was in love ant tried to help this, so believed British Gentleman. He thought me in terrible trouble now. You would not believe this all.

    If you like, we could meet in London, or where you life, and possible you may be a part of my book.

    I would live to talk with you and show your the other side of Bipolar people.

    Pls check me out at Linkedin. Utta Mikkelborg

    I see froward to hear from you,



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